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Genres: Comedy , Western
Actors: Bob Hope , Jane Russell , Robert Armstrong , Iris Adrian , Bobby Watson , Jackie Searl , Joseph Vitale , Charles Trowbridge , Clem Bevans , Jeff York , Stanley Andrews , Wade Crosby , Chief Yowlachie , Iron Eyes Cody , John Maxwell
Director: Norman Z. McLeod
Country: United States
Year: 1948
IMDB Rating: 6.8/10 (1935 votes)

Someone is selling guns to the Indians and in order to find the culprit Calamity Jane and a secret agent go undercover posing as man and wife. When the agent is killed Jane recruits a new husband — none other than innocent dupe “Painless” Peter Potter, a totally inept dentist and confirmed coward who’s main goal is to leave the barbaric west far behind. When their wagon train is attacked by the Indians it’s Jane’s sharpshooting that saves the day, but she gives the credit to Potter making him an instant hero to the townspeople and instant target to both the Indians and the gunrunners.

Film Review

There are so many wonderful moments in this gloriously silly movie, that it would be impossible to mention more than a few. Hope's timing, the verbal and sight gags combined, a fairly bawdy undercurrent,involving Painless Potter's unsuccessful attempts to bed his new bride, and probably the funniest parody of the classic showdown ever filmed, add up to a very entertaining movie.Some of the most priceless moments go by very quickly, and may not be obvious at first. Painless Potter is smilingly massaging the bald head of a tough dental patient, and they both begin chuckling uncontrollably, due to a leak in the laughing gas machine. Painless Potter is shaving outdoors, with a small mirror hung from a tree branch. An arrow whizzes by, and he remarks that he must be shaving too close. A very obvious man ,trying to conceal himself behind a bush, comes closer, and Potter remarks with a sort of deadpan whimsy, " Must be a Virginia Creeper." When another arrow nearly hits him…

A couple of laughs punctuate this slapdash and brainlessly silly (even for Bob Hope standards) comedy oater. Very standard fare, though it looks great on DVD.Was there ever a more lifeless starlet in the forties than Jane Russell? She always looks like a prostitute in the sack checking her watch every five seconds. She does absolutely nothing in this picture but look bored and full of contempt. And Hope tries and tries to be funny but mostly just falls flat. One exception is the lead-up to the gunfight when he mixes up the instructions on how to approach the killer while trying to keep them straight in his head. This routine was stolen and re-tooled to better effect a few years later for Danny Kaye in The Court Jester.The bit with the cat made me laugh too, and Hope singing ‘Buttons and Bows’ is notable, but other than that I’d only recommend this film if you have insomnia

I confess a weakness for the Bob Hope of the '40s – cute, funny, and guileless. His cowardly persona played well in many films."The Paleface" is the story of Calamity Jane (Jane Russell) being broken out of jail and offered a full pardon by the government if she can track down who is running guns to the Indians. Unfortunately, the man who is to accompany her on the wagon train to investigate is murdered. While running from people out to get her, she ends up in the office of Painless Peter Potter, a dentist who has to use a manual when he's working on a patient. He has his own wagon; Jane recruits him to marry her and join the wagon train.Hope and Russell are great together. She's gorgeous in color wearing a variety of costumes. Hope is very funny, and he gets to introduce the song "Buttons 'n' Bows." One of the best scenes is Painless Peter trying to pull a tooth; another is an Indian who inadvertently inhales Peter's laughing gas.Not …


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