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Genres: Family , Adventure , Fantasy
Actors: Hal Scardino , Litefoot , Lindsay Crouse , Richard Jenkins , Rishi Bhat , Steve Coogan , David Keith , Sakina Jaffrey , Vincent Kartheiser , Nestor Serrano , Ryan Olson , Leon Tejwani , Lucas Tejwani , Christopher Conte , Cassandra Brown
Director: Frank Oz
Country: United States
Year: 1995
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (12885 votes)

On his ninth birthday a boy receives many presents. Two of them first seem to be less important: an old cupboard from his brother and a little Indian figure made of plastic from his best friend. But these two presents turn out to be much more magic than the rest…

Film Review

[CONTAINS SPOILERS] Today is Omri’s 9th birthday. He received a skateboard from his parents and an old cupboard from his brothers Gillon and Adiel. The cupboard looked interesting. Omri’s friend Patrick gave him a little Indian figurine. The cupboard was missing a key but Omri’s mother had a ton of keys. Omri selected a shiny gold one. His mother’s grandmother gave it to her on her death bed. That evening, Omri placed the Indian figurine in the cupboard and locked it with the key, then he unlocked it and to his surprise, the small toy Indian had become a small alive Indian! His name was Little Bear and at first he was afraid of Omri who locked the cupboard and went to bed. In the morning, he unlocked the cupboard to find that Little Bear had become a figurine again. Omri was distraught. After dinner, he unlocked the cupboard again and Little Bear was alive again! The two soon became friends. Omri put a plastic teepee in the cupboard and it became real. Omri then got a bunch of …

The movie about a boy who finds a cupboard, that once you put in an action figure or doll, they came to life. I searched high and low for one, and darn it, I never found it. I gave up, or did I? Lol, don't think I'm being serious. I use to love this movie. I still do. Sadly, our copy was sold at our garage sale when we moved out of our home in Canby. But, I'm not getting the DVD. Want to know why? Well, I saw it for the last time when I was 10, or so. I had to cover my mouth from restraining my laughter. I had never realized how bad the acting is. There is one scene where the lead character is panicking because his secrete is about to be exposed. I laughed. I laughed hard. I said goodbye to my copy, and I haven't looked back. I loved it, but I may only get it for when I start teaching. It's not really a movie I would want to watch by myself. At least, not anymore.


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