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Genres: Drama , Family , Fantasy
Actors: Jason Robards , Jonathan Pryce , Diane Ladd , Royal Dano , Vidal Peterson , Shawn Carson , Mary Grace Canfield , Richard Davalos , Jake Dengel , Jack Dodson , Bruce M. Fischer , Ellen Geer , Pam Grier , Brendan Klinger , James Stacy
Director: Jack Clayton
Country: United States
Year: 1983
IMDB Rating: 6.6/10 (4471 votes)

Can two young boys overcome the worst the devil himself can deal out? Wishes are granted, but twisted as only the esteemed Mr. Dark can make them. Based on the Ray Bradbury novel.

Film Review

Commenting on Robert Maxwell's review (above):When I was a small boy from eight to twelve years of age, I was just such a boy as you describe. There were several of my "friends" and peer associates when I was twelve and thirteen (toward whom I felt varying degrees of attraction or non-attraction) who gradually–as they entered puberty–began to express a decided interest in girls. I remember how, at the time, I felt a keen sense of puzzlement and disorientation as these erstwhile friends and playmates gradually began spending less and less time with me, and concurrently showing more and more interest in females (as reflected in their conversation and banter); how I slowly began to realise (to my growing discomfort and dismay) that–despite my wishes to the contrary–I simply could not fathom what it was in girls that they found so interesting and compelling. To put it bluntly, but accurately, I slowly began to feel almost non-human–as if I was slowly morphing into an al…

I don't know. I think this movie has some good tension and special effects. The acting is good/descent, they do what they can towards the story. But there is something partly quite dull and muddled over the movie/story. I just don't get some things. For example I don't understand the whole purpose of this demonic carnival and what they are really after or want? Furthermore, the arrivals searched for people, sometimes knowing exactly where they were, sometimes not (?) It seems like they sometimes "telepathicly" can reveal peoples location.. or i don't know *haha*… They also seem to know everything about their targets… and sometimes not. This is for example illustrated by the two kids in the movie that they are after, because they have "seen to much". How could Mr Dark know that they were at the library? But when he got there he seemed to not know where they were hiding anyway? Then, he seemed to know again. And if he knew why did he blackmail the…

Maybe it is because I grew up with this movie, that I love it so. Especially watching it around this time of year. It drips Autumn and all its beauty and decay. Sure, the sets look like movie sets, but I feel this adds to the storybook like quality of the piece. I have read the book too and do see how someone in love with the book might be upset at this retelling. It doesn't bother me though and I will tell you why.The atmosphere of this movie is amazing. The director, who also made The Innocents which is another favorite horror movie of mine, knows how to craft an image. The acting is all good. Mr. Dark, Jonathan Pryce, is my favorite, stepping out as the evil carnival owner just a scant few years away from Brazil, even though I never knew him in this movie until it was pointed out to me. Ah, acting and a beard makes all the difference. I would marry Mr. Dark, but then I am a Gothic minded girl who wouldn't mind the Dust Witch in the entourage. I really think happiness is o…


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