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Genres: Adventure , Comedy , Family
Actors: Cuba Gooding Jr. , James Coburn , Sisqó , Nichelle Nichols , M. Emmet Walsh , Graham Greene , Brian Doyle-Murray , Joanna Bacalso , Jean Michel Paré , Michael Bolton , Jason Pouliotte , David Boyce , Frank C. Turner , Ron Small , Alison Matthews
Director: Brian Levant
Country: Canada, United States
Year: 2002
IMDB Rating: 4.9/10 (12557 votes)

When Miami dentist Ted Brooks learns that his birth mother has passed away and that he was named in her will, he travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance. Rather than the large chunk of change that many people would expect, Ted instead receives his mother’s pack of rowdy sled dogs and her property. Although the dogs seemingly have it in for Ted, he decides to keep the dogs and race them in the local race, the Arctic Challenge, spiting a mountain man who wants the dogs. What follows is a comedy detailing Ted’s adventures in learning to run the sled dogs.

Film Review

Cuba Gooding Jr. and James Coburn are respected actors, so the best thing I can say about them in this movie is that they probably made it better than it was. It wasn’t bad, but this was certainly not ‘Northern Exposure’. I don’t like dogs anyway, so I didn’t have any special reason for watching. I just like Disney comedies.The adventure involving Gooding and Coburn made the movie a little more substantial, and it provided the inspirational theme that often goes along with the Disney name. I liked the physical comedy the best.Not much here to concern parents. Aside from the fact that someone had premarital sex years ago, and a few mild off-color jokes, this is family fare.

A balanced blend of humour, action and great scenery make this film a pleasant surprise to watch. I thought this would be another "going nowhere" movie but I was proved wrong.What a change to have a story behind the action too, the scene in which James Coburn finally admits to his long lost son that his is indeed proud of him. created one heck of a lump in my throat.Watch the film and I’ll guarantee you will want to watch it again and perhaps again.By the way, this comes from someone who is crazy about special effect movies and who grew up on Ray Harryhausen, so don’t think I’m biased to warm hearted films OK!

I am a little stumped at the low rating, this movie is not that bad. It is no masterpiece in any shape and form, and I have certainly seen better films, but I have also seen worse. Also it is entertaining enough and has cute moments too. I do agree the story is predictable and nothing special, the script has its weak spots and the pacing is uneven being a little too draggy in the middle. But there is a lot to redeem it, namely the amazing scenery captured by the lovely cinematography. The soundtrack was a nice touch too, the direction is good and the acting is actually above decent. Cuba Gooding Jnr is a likable enough lead and James Coburn the great actor he was matches him wonderfully. The really cute snow dogs steal the show though, it could be said they are the film. Overall, definitely not a bad movie, exceptional no, entertaining yes. 7/10 Bethany Cox

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