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Genres: Fantasy , Animation
Actors: Ikue Sakakibara , Tony Oliver , Michiko Nomura , Keiko Han , Mami Koyama , Tôru Furuya
Director: Masami Hata
Country: Japan
Year: 1981
IMDB Rating: 7.6/10 (166 votes)

Years after the war between the Children of Water and the Children of Fire, Oceanus, a god of the sea, presents Prince Sirius with the eye of Algarock, thereby putting him in charge of those that dwell under the waves. But when Sirius encounters a beautiful Fire Child named Malta (the daughter of the Queen of Fire), he is lost in love and defies the law that states that Children of Water and Children of Fire must forever remain separate to prevent war from breaking out once more. Sirius and Malta struggle to be together while running into obstacles and suffering great losses along the way. But in the end, are the echoes of history too loud to overcome, or can the two lovers be united and bring peace to the land?

Film Review

I have always loved this movie. I don't know how my dad bought it but it must have been popular in the states when I was young. It is my favorite animated movie because of how beautiful it is. I used to pretend I was Princess Malta every night before I went to bed. Please try to find and see it if you are a lover of pretty things. My favorite thing about this movie is how sacrifice is romanticized. The only downside is the overused Romeo and Juliet theme, albeit, the story deviates from the older story enough to fool younger viewers. Malta is drawn very beautifully and so is Oceanus, the sea god. It is very dreamy and beautiful to journey into the world of "The Sea Prince and the Fire Child."

The last time I saw this film must have been nearly fifteen years ago. During that time, although I had forgotten the title entirely, there were aspects of this film that stuck in my brain and likely contributed to a few random dreams; I remember not really following the plot as a child, but I recalled finding it A) very beautiful, and B), unbelievably dark. Certain scenes and characters have stayed with me with dogged persistence—a swarm of jellyfish that seem to electrocute or burn their victims to death rather than poisoning them; the deaths of two juvenile characters that hammer home the realization that, like in the film *Cube*, every last character is expendable; and the image that probably haunted me most of all, the scene towards the end involving a forced cocooning that speaks volumes about parental coercion and a pigheaded refusal to see reason. Many reviewers have compared the story to Romeo & Juliet, and although I wouldn't have understood the analogy as a child,…

I have been in search of childhood anime for awhile now. This movie was at the top of my list. I haven’t watched it since I was very young. I remember renting it over and over. The story line is very interesting and playful. I loved every character in the movie. The pictures and the way the animation was drawn was one of my favorite things. The score for the film gave me goosebumps even as a small child. Definitely a must for any anime fan. I was overwhelmed with excitement when Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind came back into print on DVD this year. Maybe this movie will come back into print, but I doubt it due to the risqué nature of the film and modern definition of G rated movies. Absolutely Great movie. Hope I get to see it again soon.


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