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Genres: Comedy , Drama
Actors: Guinevere Turner , Christien Anholt , Tom Bell , Julie Graham , Georgina Hale , Julian Wadham , Ricky Tomlinson , Roger Lloyd-Pack , Sue Johnston , Don Henderson , Imogen Bain , Edward Jewesbury , Angela Easterling , Ian Embleton , Keith Allen
Director: Stuart Urban
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 5.2/10 (533 votes)

Minister on a moral crusade employs young computer whizzkid Peter to infiltrate the London S&M scene. Peter has to gather evidence of physical “assaults” in order for the Minister to prosecute and shut the scene down. But Peter gets unwittingly drawn into it and falls for the Mistress Tanya Cheex.

Film Review

*** Very Mild Spoilers*** Preaching to the Perverted is a fun little movie that had the potential to be more. Its production values are pretty high for such a "non-commercial" film and visually it is very attractive. It does a good job of satirizing both the fetishist and conservative communities, but its arguments don't really break any new ground. It represents a caricature of both worlds, rather than finding any deep truths. Watch it just for silly fun, and you will be satisfied.Guine Turner and Christien Anholt, although not the world's greatest actors, are both appealing enough to easily gain the viewer's empathy. Supporting actors do a great job and there's lots of eye candy to behold.Although I really enjoyed the humor of the film, a few things were dissatisfying. We never really get to know The Mistress (Turner) or Peter (Anholt) and so the dynamics of their relationship are figured out only through guesswork on the part of the viewer. That they chang…

First of all, let me say that I know nothing about the S&M scene in London or anywhere else for that matter. But from an outsider’s viewpoint, I enjoyed this film a lot. Guinevere Turner was stunning and a great dominatrix, the film was fresh and funny, an interesting, amusing take on somewhat of a taboo subject. The film was on the whole a visual feast with good direction but not without its bad points. Christien Anholt as Peter was appalling. He simply cannot act. Lucky for him, there was so much else going on. The script is a bit clumsy and the ending a little anti-climatic but who cares when the film itself is so much fun? Extra credit for getting some great bit-part roles from Ricky Tomlinson, Sue Johnston and Roger Lloyd-Pack (Trigger from "Only Fools and Horses"!).

Having caught this supposedly controversial film for the first time since about 1998 I was shocked. I was not shocked at the second rate fetish imagery and its laughable portrayal on the bdsm scene in London but just how dated this film is. Maybe it is that when it first came out the Spanner Case was still on everyone’s lips, the police really were busting fetish clubs and we were all still shaking from the back to basics campaign of the Major government. It’s amazing how things can change. Today watching Preaching to the Perverted is a bit like watching a 70s sex comedy where showing bottoms was considered risque. Infact the only thing missing is Leslie Phillips and his smug laugh. With the film failing to remain valid in contemporary England just about the only cause of interest in it has gone. As I’ve already mentioned it’s a totally unrealistic image of the fetish scene, from the laughable BDSM scenes to the relationship between the pervs in the film.Just to show how out of touch…


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