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Genres: Romance , Drama
Actors: Henry Brown , Kwame Boateng , Brendon Terrell Ferguson , Nathaniel Carter , Jeff Krebs , Albert Hall , Cannon Jay , Niecy Nash , Jenifer Lewis , Eddie Cibrian , Wood Harris , Kevin Hart , Maeve Quinlan , Taraji P. Henson , Morris Chestnut
Director: Bill Duke
Country: United States
Year: 2009
IMDB Rating: 5.4/10 (1504 votes)

After years of disagreeing on what true happiness, success, and love really are, Dave and Clarice Johnson have finally reached a breaking point in their marriage. When Clarice is hurt in a car accident, the obvious truth that more than just her injuries need immediate attention is exposed. Their odds of making it worsen as Clarice begins to see a physical therapist, and Dave develops a friendship with Julie and her teenage son Bryson. The acceptance and comfort he finds in them stirs his longing for a family and a passionate partner. As temptation tugs at Dave and Clarice pulls farther away, they must confront whether their vows are or are NOT EASILY BROKEN.

Film Review

Yes, the movie was predictable, but it gives you the warm fuzzies that a lot of black films don't. It has the typical yelling and lack of communication between the main characters, but they are able to work through it with a little bit of self-insight.It also shows the other side of life in LA, an adult who donates time to children and the spouse who is adamantly opposed to it. The wife makes the money after a college injury kills the baseball dreams of the husband.You laugh and you might cry a little. Way to go Morris!

It Has Meaning This Movie.T.D. Jakes previous novel Women Thou Art Loosed was adapted into an impressive film, five years and his follow up film Not Easily Broken is just as good. Directed by the underrated Bill Duke whose previous work includes Hoodlum and Deep Cover, Not Easily Broken tells the story of a couple (Morris Chestnut & Taraji P. Henson) whose marriage is crisis.After a car accident, injurers Henson's character things only get worse and their marriage but more importantly their faith is tested. I watched the film with my wife. It was a treat to discuss the film with her on the way out of the theater to our car. And during the ride home we came to understand a little more about each other. The acting considering the religious material is first rate, Morris Chestnut displays the same leading man charm he always does and fresh off her Oscar Worthy turn in Benjamin Button, Henson does wonders. Jenifer Lewis steals every scenes he's in as the mother-in-law, and …

Not Easily Broken is based on a novel written by T.D. Jakes. The movie shows the power that true loves hold when the going gets tough. The movie was touching, gripping and very realistic. The feelings of regret, hurt, frustration, anger, even the urge to go astray were so real I felt as if I were a part of the movie. It also showed what could happen when you assume how another person may think or feel; and what could happen in your life when God is integral. I love seeing roles where our Black men are depicted as strong men that positively handle their struggles. I definitely like movies that cast our men in similar strong roles (especially if Morris Chestnut is involved). Although the movie had its serious moments, the serious moments had interludes of lightheartedness when Kevin Hart (Tree) came onto the scene. That little dude is so funny to me. This movie was definitely worth watching, especially for those who need a reminder that God is always the Way.


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