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Genres: Crime , Comedy , Action
Actors: Ralph W. Odum , Gérard Ismaël , Faizon Love , Richard Noyce , Damian Chapa , Nathan Anderson , Larry Hankin , Gary Briggs , Victor Ferrerira , David Lee McLain , Paul Sorvino , Elise Neal , Heather Locklear , Charlie Sheen , Chris Tucker
Director: Brett Ratner
Country: United States
Year: 1997
IMDB Rating: 5.8/10 (15814 votes)

Chris Tucker is a small time con man who instantly becomes famous after a murder, wanted dead or alive, his only hope is a journalist named James Russell (Sheen).

Film Review

Money Talks is a very funny and entertaining film. Chris Tucker is particulary good, and he and Charlie Sheen work well together . . . but, with all due respect, its a kind of partnership we have all seen before.This is better then some others like it, to be fair, and the supporting cast is very good. Heather Locklear looks extremely attractive in the movie (loving the short dress), and some Brat Pack movie fans will notice Paul Gleason (of Breakfast Club & Weird Science fame) in there too.

[CONTAINS SPOILERS] Meet Franklin Hatchet. He works at the local car wash. But he’s also into ticket scalping. One day, a reporter, James Russell, comes to interview him and results in him getting arrested. Franklin is loaded on to a prison bus with a man named Raymond Villard. Well, the bus ride to prison is smooth until some agents who work for Villard caused the bus to stop, then they boarded and killed all the prisoners, except for Franklin, who followed Villard and his right-hand man Dubray aboard a helicopter. Franklin escapes when they try to kill him. James Russell goes to find Franklin in order to interview him for sweeps week and perhaps clear his name. Franklin doesn’t really trust James but it was better than staying out on the streets with the posibility of being killed. Franklin must accompany James to dinner at his fianceé Grace’s. Franklin disguises himself as Vic Damone Jr. Apparently, Guy, Grace’s father was old friends with Vic Damone…

This was a valiant effort by Tucker, in developing the formula he would later use with Jackie Chan. This character's behavior is identical to his later character of the Rush Hour line (trilogy?) with one exception…he was still a bit in Ruby Rod mode from the Fifth Element. That fact alone lends at least some amusement to this almost "workshop" attempt between Charlie Sheen and Chris Tucker. Thankfully, Tucker hit in with Chan whose personality kicks it with Tucker's over the top, sometimes flamboyant, mostly big mouth style. Sheen played it too close to the vest. His character here is rather silent, but that's better than the few scenes in which he actually speaks, as Sheen's dialog delivery here will make most audiences cringe. It seems as though he's attempting the quiet brooding bad guy persona of Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon franchise, but Sheen just doesn't seem to pull it off. Nor does he pull off the "hip" bad boy persona he atte…


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