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Genres: Action , Crime
Actors: DMX , Kris Kristofferson , Sheldon Robins , Veronica Berry , Eric F. Adams , Lisa Arnold , Randy Austin , Ameer Baraka , J. Omar Castro , Richard Diggs , Zacharias Foppe , Shanna Forrestall , Dan Garcia , Debby Gaudet , Charles Jupiter
Director: Amir Valinia
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 2.5/10 (383 votes)

Set in post hurricane New Orleans. A brutal Mexican drug lord busts out of jail to retrieve the $15 million that his girlfriend is hiding. Can he find the girl and the cash before the cops track him down?

Film Review

3 faults with this movie jump out within the first 5 minutes.1) lousy camera angles (specially mid-way thru, when the main character is racing thru the city with lights/siren, and the camera is in a 'chase' car behind. while most directors would b sure to zoom in on the first car, instead the 'chase' car's lights are shown in the scene)2) having an inter-racial partnership as main theme. this has been done hundreds of times, and doesn't really work here. especially when it's an obvious clone of Miami vice. I think if both partners were African-American, the story would be more believable.3) IF you're going to do #2 above, at least pair up 2 actors that can carry the story. I loved DMX's character. However, trying to force the viewer to believe a 72 yr old man would be his partner is ridiculous.Anyone with common sense knows that there is absolutely no way any police force would allow a 72 yr old officer to be an 'everyday' detective, that wo…

The bad boy dynamic duo of the old timer detective with a taste for Willie Nelson and his young African American partner who drives fast and listens to Tupac are on a mission and they'll stop at nothing, even if it means breaking the rules.(oh my…) The entire film is an exhilarating race from one cliché to the next. There is even a perfect cast to accompany the abhorrent script attached to it's dull plot. This is a classic case of B-movie denial.I can't say I'm surprised due to the sketchy history for all those involved, but I had expected something better than a backyard film with a hefty budget.

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