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Genres: Comedy
Actors: Martin Short , Jan Hooks , Linda Cardellini , Janeane Garofalo , John Michael Higgins , Elizabeth Perkins , Larry Joe Campbell , Mo Collins , DeRay Davis , Carlos Jacott , Corey Pearson , Aries Spears , Robert Trebor , Gary Anthony Williams , Landon Hansen
Director: Vadim Jean
Country: United States, Canada
Year: 2004
IMDB Rating: 5.0/10 (1332 votes)

“La La Wood” follows the legacy of Jiminy Glick, first introduced on “The Martin Short Show,” who went on to get (non)-critical acclaim for his talk show “Primetime Glick,” where Mr. Glick interviewed countless celebrities (which usually ended in verbally–sometimes physically–insulting/assaulting them). Now comes “La La Wood”–Jiminy Glick’s home. This is his story (sort of).

Film Review

…and get ready to laugh you Glick off! This movie is an instant comedy classic! "Jiminy Glick Goes to La-La Wood" is one of those underrated nuggets that deserves cult status. 'KEIFER! KEIFER! KEIFER! KEIFER!" I had never been a Martin Short fan ("Clifford" anyone?) but I always found Jiminy Glick painfully funny. Fire one up and get ready to roll off the couch in convulsive laughter as Martin Short brings his greatest character of all time to the big screen. Jan Hooks has some of the best lines in the movie (The "purse" line will bring tears to your eyes), and naming his kids "Matthew" and "Modine" is simply genius. Don't rent this movie, BUY IT – and file it between "Dumb and Dumber" and "The Man With Two Brains". This movie is funny! Be sure to watch the deleted scenes as well – the interviews with Steve Martin and Kurt Russell are hysterical, and the scenes in the car with Jan Hooks are gut-bustin…

I haven't seen to much of Primetime Jiminy Glick but I do know Martin Short is comedic genius. His unique, and bizarre performances are nothing short of brilliant. Jiminy Glick happens to be one of his most popular mostly because of his ability to actually put huge stars on the hot seat with his outrageous over the top performance as Glick. Bringing Glick to the big screen might have been an over-estimate of the popularity. It compares to bringing a Saturday Night Live skit to the big screen which they've done numerous times of course. Still Martin Short who writes this feature did an incredible job of coming up with an actual storyline while still keeping the character of Jiminy Glick exactly what he has always been. I admit I was also pleased to see that the film takes place in Toronto, and a good Canadian film is always fun.Martin Short as Jiminy Glick is not even the right phrase. Jiminy Glick IS Jiminy Glick!! Glick is his own character, that is how much Martin Short make…

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